Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Good morning I’d like to work me to a digital classroom I’m Jerri Winslet along with Mike dial and welcome to the monthly live show for the past couple months we’ve been having shows on NECA 3 and how you know naked 3 effects you know the gas water heater products and the electric water heater products and you know and there’s gonna be situations where you know you might the water heater that the mecca 3 water heater might not fit in that location for the most part you know you’re not gonna see any any issues like that but there are some situations where that might come into effect and this is really what that miss class is gonna be about and to talk about electric going to talk about gas but before.

We start if you have any questions you can use the chat feature which is on the right hand side of your screen just type in that question after we’re done with the show what we’re gonna do is have a question and answer segment at the end before we sign off so just type that question in if you’ve got one but let’s go ahead get started we got a lot to do today we’re going to talk a couple different products here and what I’m talking about is you know you’re you you have options whenever you have a new water heater so in in certain situations you might run into a situation where the water here is not going to fit the new neck of water heater won’t fit the will may not even make it anymore and in electric you know you might have to go with a different technology and we’re talking about this technology heat pump technology hate puppies and you know let’s talk about heat pumps.

I know we make three different sizes the 50 there’s 66 and the 80 gallon how does a heat pump work well the key feature with the heat pump is we’re gonna use the air that’s in the environment around the heater to to heat the water so we’ve got an air conditioner essentially here on top okay so we’re going to draw that air in we’re going to extract the heat into a cool coil we’re going to discharge some cold air and that’s a byproduct of the process right what we’re going to do is we’ve got another coil that’s wrapped around the lower section of the tank and it’s copper coils wrapped we’re gonna shed that heat into the water so it’s a little bit slower but it’s really efficient so we’re taking the ambient heat that’s in the room and we’re putting it into the water that’s right okay all right so it’s very very efficient now this works on 208 or 240 volts correct 208 or 240 volt now so depending on what your customers needs are we’ve got a variety of gallon sizes and now we can work in every application to 208 or 240 cool all right.

So you’ve got you know we’re taking the heat from the air we’re putting it in E you’re talking about it being efficient we’ve you know the EF rating on this is extremely high and what EF rating is it takes into account a few different things like standby heat loss thermal efficiency and it kind of wraps it into one number and the higher the number the more efficient the water heater is yeah layman’s terms what it is is it says it’s a percentage of how much of the energy that we put into the to the product it’s turned into usable energy in this case hot water so a normal electric water heater might be 0.9 or 0.95 efficient so five percent of that energy that we’re using is lost out from standby loss or through insulation with this the EF is three point two four Wow so you’re talking about three times the amount as a standard conventional let me put a dollars worth of electricity and we’re gonna get three dollars and twenty four cents worth of heat out wow that’s that’s incredible so you’re looking at an average savings of around 400 dollars a year and that’s just the start.

I mean you know the larger the water your the bigger the the heat pump water heater the bigger the savings are gonna get yeah the more water that we heat and we’re heating it efficiently so the more gets used the more savings there are now all rights now we’re talking about that’s that’s how efficient the water heater is now let’s talk about you know the hot water delivery I know that this has the the the highest first hour rating on the market with this the sixty six gallon tank we’re looking at around 80 gallons in our first hour delivery you know is there anything different other than you know from a standard conventional electric water heater when it comes to heating water and delivering water you know even though this has got a little slower recovery that’s the trade-off with the efficiency we’re still gonna size it the way we would in normal electric water here we want to size it for what our peak use is going to be when have enough hot water for when everybody gets up in the morning and is washing their hands taking showers breakfast or in the evenings they’re doing laundry maybe doing dishes.

Bill Gates Backs the Waterless Toilet

Did you know there’s a toilet being developed that requires absolutely no water to function on this episode we’ll be covering the waterless toilet the waterless toilet was designed by Cranfield University a major reason this the project has become a reality that Bill Gates was more specifically the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated eight hundred and ten thousand dollars to the project this toilet was developed for use in countries that doesn’t have a lot of running water now apparently.

The toilet will not smell which is a result of multiple actions that go on beneath the toilet once the lid is closed a set of gears within the toilet is turned when the action of closing the lid happens these gears rotate the basin where the fecal D’Lite was deposited the waste falls into a Holding chamber. where a swipe blade writes the inside of the holding basin Sol’s drop down to the bottom where the liquid floats to the top an Archimedes screw carries the waste upwards where it gets rolled into pellets and then drops into a combustor and it burned the combustor on the toilet will be on at all times and require an initial power source to get it going the team had the initial idea of attaching a hand character or a bicycle to generate that power needed but recently scrapped that idea the solar the panel could be installed above the toilet.

So that wouldn’t be very cost-effective the team has other ideas they’re still working on solve this the problem though a poop ash that is accumulated from the combustor needs to be removed once a week the liquid flowed through a set of pipes that are above the combustor the liquid is heated and passed through a set of four membrane bundles. That purifies the water this purified water drips down to the bottom where it travels and is stored in the front step of the toilet, this will run ER while purified isn’t clean enough to drink but it can be used in the garden to grow plants or oils for cleaning this waterless toilet needs to be serviced every three months before membranes need to be replaced to continue to purify the water. Our focus is the low water consumption toilets as well, there are various toilets in the market which consumes very low water during the flushing. Kohler Santa Rosa is one of them. You might be interested in kohler santa rosa toilet reviews and learn about its functioning and performance.

So now that you have a full overview of this toilet what problems do you guys foresee with this invention the only thing I’m going to say is I’m sure the swipe blade will wipe most of the poop out of the holding basin but you know there’s going to be some nasty skid marks in there in reality though places in the world where people have real struggles in life the skid mark is not one of them what do you guys think of what the waterless the toilet you guys believe that it will revolutionize the developing world let.

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Benefits Of The Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater is also called on-demand or instantaneous water heater,  you may never think about it until you have a cold shower.Actually, you can understand the advantages of the tankless water heater easily by my graph in my last post – Best Electric Water Heater Reviews. Here I would like to illustrate the benefits of the tankless water heater in detail. Actually, the benefits can be divided into three aspects – saving, green and convenience.

Tankless Water Heater’s Saving

1. Space saving. Tankless water heater can save you a lot of space, this is clear to identify by the appearance. You can save about 16 square foot by replacing a tank on the floor. Or even you can just put your tankless water heater on the wall to make use of the space.

2. Energy saving. The fuel in the tankless type are used more completely.  The fuels in the tankless ones are used again and again for the recycled design while the fuels in the tank are most used for just one time. It is said that the energy efficient tankless water heaters is up to 34% higher than that of the tank ones.

3. Money saving. The best tankless water heater use the fuels with higher efficiency, as a result, they are also money saving. You may be not aware that how much you can save by using the tankless water heaters. Well, you can find out that you can cut up to 30% by using the tankless water heaters.

4. Time saving. Most people may not notice that they can also save time by using the tankless water heater. Usually you should stand there for more than five minutes until the flow gets warmer. But it just costs you no more than 2 minutes to get hot water by using the tankless. You are saving your time. Time is priceless.

Tankless Water Heater’s Green

Yes, we have known that the best tankless water heater can save a lot of energy and it is eco-friendly. But there are some more that you may ignore.

1. Fresher Water. The rust may be built up easily in the tank water heater though you may not notice it.  As time goes by, there may be more and more rust gathering in the water that you use for washing or bathing. The tankless can offer you cleaner water.

2. Less Combustion. The tankless use the fuel more efficient than the traditional ones and less combustion is produced.

Tankless Water Heater’s Convenience

1. Consistent Hot Water. You don’t need to worry about the shortage of the hot water during showing. And whenever you want to use hot water, it is just there. You won’t hear the quarrel about the arrange of showing time.

2. Longer Warranty. The tankless usually come with a 10 – 15 years warranty which is often three times as that of the traditional water heaters. You don’t have to replace the water heater again and again and the replacement is really a bother.

I hope this post is useful to you and I’ll introduce more tankless water heater products in the following post.

Emergency Loan – Consider a Fast Cash Advance

Emergencies happen. Most people don’t have a very savings account. When financial emergencies take place, most people need to help borrow money until your following payday. This is where loan lenders can come in handy.

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Loan Extensions are Possible – An online payday loan must usually be repaid within 1-4 weeks of the time the loan was distributed evenly. You may wish to give the loan 7 days or two. This can usually be done on an extra three weeks possibly even, but you will ought to pay on the interest that has been accruing. First Time Home Buyer Grants Minnesota.

Consider the cost of plastic card interest. Every month that a person makes only the lowest payment, interest is being recharged. Because only a small amount is due each 30 days, it becomes easy to help procrastinate paying the mortgage loan off and continue creating interest payments. A payday loan will force one to pay the loan away quickly, therefore, eliminating the possibility associated with continually accruing interest.

Easy Application Process – With a cash advance loan, you have a quick, simple application process, unlike a credit card or unsecured bank loans, there is no credit check, and the loan can be approved and able to cash within a few hours. This provides the convenience for the emergency situation.

Garden Log Cabins – Child Safety

Garden log cabins are some of the recommended residences across the world. These kinds of classical dwellings are sturdy, can stand against natures severe elements, and offer a classic, simplistic atmosphere. No wonder that it is now the most liked homes of many people today, particularly those who would like to stay outside of the defined of a busy metropolis.

As with every other abode, you want to make sure it is safe for your children. Realizing that you’ve got a safe dwelling for your children helps make life even nicer. The great news is that your log home need not look like a nursery or day-care center. Using these easy ideas, you can make your log cabin quite safe and sound for your young children.

1. Childproof gateways

Put in a childproof gateway at the base and also the top of the stairway. You might use wood, wrought iron, or glass gates. By closing and securing the gates, the kids won’t venture down and up the steps where they might fall. Select gates that youngsters cant open without difficulty, but grownups can open and close it with ease. Not only will gates help make your stairs less risky, but they would also beautify your steps.

2. Entrances

Closed doors attract children. Set up door knob covers on entry doors which lead to areas where you don’t want your children to loiter such as the outdoor garden shed or garage. Door knob covers make it possible for adults to grab and turn the knob quickly. However, when held by young children who have small fingers, the cover rotates, stopping them from having a firm grasp.

3. Locks

Even if something is out of sight, it does not indicate that it’s out of reach. That’s the reason you must latch or lock cupboards, drawers, and medicine cabinets that could have harsh chemicals, medicines, makeup products, and other harmful compounds.

4. Edges

Put corner bumpers at sharp edges and also corners of game tables, worktops, chests, and various furnishings. Corner bumpers are plastic protections that protect little children from injuries should they bump into the furniture as they move around.5. OutletsCover wall outlets with full coverage plates to keep prying hands from putting into live electric outlets.