Bill Gates Backs the Waterless Toilet

Did you know there’s a toilet being developed that requires absolutely no water to function on this episode we’ll be covering the waterless toilet the waterless toilet was designed by Cranfield University a major reason this the project has become a reality that Bill Gates was more specifically the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated eight hundred and ten thousand dollars to the project this toilet was developed for use in countries that doesn’t have a lot of running water now apparently.

The toilet will not smell which is a result of multiple actions that go on beneath the toilet once the lid is closed a set of gears within the toilet is turned when the action of closing the lid happens these gears rotate the basin where the fecal D’Lite was deposited the waste falls into a Holding chamber. where a swipe blade writes the inside of the holding basin Sol’s drop down to the bottom where the liquid floats to the top an Archimedes screw carries the waste upwards where it gets rolled into pellets and then drops into a combustor and it burned the combustor on the toilet will be on at all times and require an initial power source to get it going the team had the initial idea of attaching a hand character or a bicycle to generate that power needed but recently scrapped that idea the solar the panel could be installed above the toilet.

So that wouldn’t be very cost-effective the team has other ideas they’re still working on solve this the problem though a poop ash that is accumulated from the combustor needs to be removed once a week the liquid flowed through a set of pipes that are above the combustor the liquid is heated and passed through a set of four membrane bundles. That purifies the water this purified water drips down to the bottom where it travels and is stored in the front step of the toilet, this will run ER while purified isn’t clean enough to drink but it can be used in the garden to grow plants or oils for cleaning this waterless toilet needs to be serviced every three months before membranes need to be replaced to continue to purify the water. Our focus is the low water consumption toilets as well, there are various toilets in the market which consumes very low water during the flushing. Kohler Santa Rosa is one of them. You might be interested in kohler santa rosa toilet reviews and learn about its functioning and performance.

So now that you have a full overview of this toilet what problems do you guys foresee with this invention the only thing I’m going to say is I’m sure the swipe blade will wipe most of the poop out of the holding basin but you know there’s going to be some nasty skid marks in there in reality though places in the world where people have real struggles in life the skid mark is not one of them what do you guys think of what the waterless the toilet you guys believe that it will revolutionize the developing world let.

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